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Precise work, fast execution, unparalleled experience. 

Would you develop or manufacture a product? Do you have a prototype ready or would you like to work with us to launch a new product? Are you looking for a partner who can deliver high quality work on short deadlines? Someone who is at home with the high expectations of the automotive and industrial sectors, but can overcome them with ease?


These are we. This is ExpertMould.

Decades of experience in mass production, product development, automotive supply, design and custom manufacturing; Our partners have also relied on us for decades for injection moulding, product development, tooling and tooling.

We don't just manufacture products, we use our experience to advise and design, all to ensure that the end product and the manufacturing process is unique and efficient. We see this as the only way to achieve unparalleled results in the short and long term.


What are we experienced in producing?

ExperMould Ltd. has been manufacturing and designing polymer, composite and metal products for over 30 years. Our technology includes injection moulding, machining composite machining and hot forming. 


Looking for a new, reliable partner for product development and manufacturing? At ExpertMould, we have decades of experience and know the challenges you face in such a process.



Our company is happy to take on sub-tasks such as the design and manufacture of press and injection moulds. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction and 110% order completion. This is guaranteed by our experience, discipline and German work culture. Our partners can count on us for long-term, complex projects.



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