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A great idea that needs to be implemented?

We help in product development, design and manufacture of unique products and tools, as well as contract injection molding.

Product development

Our partners can count on us for product development and fully outsourced product development. We gladly perform tasks independently, and thanks to this, we have been lucky enough to participate in several quite different projects in recent years.


- Design and construction of carbon fiber frames for bicycles

-NSK function tester and Stator collector JIG for Bourns Automotive

-Audi Q7 rearview mirror prototype for SMR Automotive

-Manufacturing and designing parts for Hafner Pneumatics


Tool making and Contract injection molding

For years, Szatuna has specialized in the production of highly complex plastic injection molded products - flexibly, quickly and reliably. The production services of Szatuna bér injection molding are a unique solution for all needs - from experimental series to small series to large series production.

Large custom machining

Door2World Ltd asked us to help them manufacture their new Ophrys Semicolor industrial offset printer. 
This project was challenging as we manufactured all the aluminum parts and subassemblies. These parts had to be extremely precise but huge in size. The largest plate was 1450*546*20mm.

Thanks to our experience in production and our machine park, we were able to produce the plates and components without any problems.


Carbon fiber products

It is light yet extremely strong: the main characteristics of carbon fiber products make it an increasingly popular material. Carbon fiber-reinforced plastic ( CFRP ) is an essential part of modern industry and guarantees that, for example, our cars become faster and lighter. The military industry, the aviation industry and even more markets are happy to use it for the production of ultra-light parts, which is why our company has gained a lot of experience. Thus, together with ILR composite, we can also work for AUDI, among others.


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Our partners range from the largest multinational companies to the best players in the Hungarian SME sector

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