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A great idea to be implemented?

We can also help you with product development, design and manufacture of custom products and tooling, and contract moulding.

Product development

Our partners can rely on us for product development and full outsourced product development. We are happy to work independently and have been involved in a number of very different projects in recent years.


-Design and construction of carbon fibre frames for bicycles

-NSK function tester and Stator collector JIG for Bourns Automotive

-Audi Q7 rear-view mirror prototype for SMR Automotive

-Manufacture and design of components for Hafner Pneumatics


Mould making and injection moulding

For years, Satuna has specialised in the production of highly complex plastic injection moulded products - flexibly, quickly and reliably. Satuna's salary injection moulding manufacturing services offer a tailor-made solution for every need - from pilot series to small series to large series production.

Large custom machining

Door2World Ltd. asked us to help them manufacture their new Ophrys Semicolor industrial offset printer. 

This project was challenging because we manufactured all the aluminium parts and components. These parts had to be extremely precise but of huge dimensions. The largest plate was 1450*546*20mm.


Thanks to our experience in manufacturing and our machinery, we were able to produce the plates and parts without any problems.


Carbon fibre products

Lightweight yet extremely strong: the key characteristics of carbon fibre products are making it an increasingly popular raw material. Carbon fibre reinforced plastics ( CFRP ) are an essential part of modern industry, ensuring that our cars, for example, are getting faster and lighter. The defence industry, aerospace and many other markets are keen to use it to produce ultra-lightweight parts, and our company has gained a wealth of experience in this field. So, together with ILR composite, we can work for AUDI, among others.

Our partners

Our partners range from the largest multinational companies to the most prominent players in the Hungarian SME sector

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